2016 Mile High Challenge RC Pylon Race

August 6th-7th 

The forest of pop-ups turned our pit area into a mini-Nats for the weekend, and the level of competition was national quality as well!  Many of the 4-plane, head-to-head races were decided by only a couple of airplane lengths.  Fast time of the meet was set by Rich Beers of Oklahoma City with a 1:05 for 10 laps (2.5 miles total distance), only a couple of seconds off the national record. This is impressive considering our high altitude and warm temperatures.  But “warm” is all it was, with refreshing breezes on Saturday and a sunny, mostly calm Sunday.  

Thanks to the shuttle cart (assembled by Craig Farthing and Hank Diepenbroek, driven by Larry Bickel and Tom Elliott) the pilots were able to traverse the distance from the pit area to the race course quickly.  This kept the pace brisk — only about 5 minutes between heats — providing the spectators with nonstop entertainment!  The closely matched speeds of the airplanes resulted in many thrills and a few spills.  Spills are part of the game, though.  And as a result, some of the youngsters were able to claim valuable construction material for their own projects.  Think of it as the Circle of Model Airplane Life!

Overheard in the pits were many compliments and thanks for the beautiful site and excellent volunteer support.  Although this race was a “first” (at least the first in a long time) for Jefco, the pilots are already comparing it favorably with well-known annual contests on both coasts.  So the Mile High Challenge could potentially become part of the national circuit.  If nothing else, Jefco is now officially on the map!  

Well done!    — Duane Gall


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