Jefco Aeromod’lers Upcoming Events

Mile High Challenge RC Pylon Race

August 5th-6th (Sat-Sun) Mile High Challenge Flyer

This is an AMA sanctioned event hosted by Jefco Aeromodlers.

  • Single Day Races
  • Q40 Long course & 426 Short course both days

For more information for the event contact Hank Diepenbroek at:

(303) 875-9328

E-mail: nsdraft(at)

Volunteers needed

BONUS PERK! If you’d like an extra-special ringside seat and a pit pass, we need volunteers!  Pylon racing now uses “sideline judging” rather than the old system of standing on the racecourse under the flight path.  That means you’d be calling turns and cuts from the comfort of an easy chair, at a safe distance (300 feet) but closer to the action than regular spectators.  No prior experience necessary.  With enough volunteers, we can take turns so no one has to sit for too long.  Please call Hank to sign up.  Thanks!

The Jefco Aerodrome will be closed to regular flying during this event.