Safety Rules

Anyone flying and/or using the Chatfield Aerodrome must abide by the Colorado State Parks Rules and Regulations, the Jefco Aeromodlers RC Club Field Safety Operations Guidelines and the AMA Safety Code.  Be familiar with each of these documents before you fly!

Jefco Field Safety GuidelinesYouth
AMA Safety Code – Jan 2018
AMA Safety Program Handbook
Chatfield State Park Info

RC Ground School & Safety Class

The Jefco Aeromod’lers RC Club offers a complimentary 3-hour introductory ground school and safety class, aimed at providing new pilots with a fundamental understanding as they enter the hobby. These classes, conducted in a classroom at Chatfield State Park on Saturday mornings from 9:00 a.m. to noon, occur approximately four times per year and are led by Chief Flight Instructor Bud Glass.

Topics covered include:

  1. FAA regulations and their implications for RC flying.
  2. The importance of membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and the associated benefits.
  3. Protocols for flying at airfields and communication safety on the flight line.
  4. Proper techniques for model-building.
  5. Differentiating between assembled and airworthy model airplanes.
  6. Correct handling, storage, and transportation practices for model airplanes.
  7. Various aspects of Lipo batteries, including types, usage, connectors, adapters, charging procedures, storage, transportation, and disposal methods.

Overall, this comprehensive class aims to equip new pilots with essential knowledge and skills necessary for safe and enjoyable participation in the RC flying hobby.

To enroll in the upcoming class, kindly complete the form below by providing your name, contact details, and selecting the RC Ground School check box. We will reach out to you via email with further details regarding the next session.

Flight Training & Instruction

The Jefco Aeromod’lers provides free flight instruction training to anyone who would like to learn how to fly R/C fixed wing aircraft. Club training instructors are available to assist you in learning how to fly quickly and safely. They can advise and make recommendations regarding RC equipment and aircraft to suit your needs, interests and skill levels. We highly recommend that all beginners have flight instruction training from one of our club instructors.

For aircraft flight instruction and information, please fill out the information below and a flight instructor will follow up with you via email.

Please note that our agreement with the state park requires all pilots be an AMA member.  More info on AMA and AMA membership can be found at


Flight Training

Your DOB and address is required for the instructor to complete the AMA Student Pilot Registration form.


If you do not have a plane yet, please talk to your instructor before purchasing a model that may not not be
suitable as a trainer