Welcome to the Jefco Aeromod’lers RC Club

Annual  RC Auction

Saturday, January 27, 2018 ~ 8am – 6pm


25690 East Quincy Ave, Aurora, CO  (Click here for map)

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to buy and sell RC aircraft and accessories! Have a great time visiting with your flying buddies and meeting new people.

Last year there were over 500 items for sale at the auction, with 110 sold via Buy-It-Now and 200+ registered sellers/buyers.

For the 2018 Auction:

All buyers/sellers must register.  You can pre-registration prior to the event ($10) or register on-site at the door ($15).  There is no fee for spectators.

Pre-Register here.  Pre-Registration ends Friday, January 19, 2018 – Midnight.

Items for sale should be checked in at the event on Friday, January 26, 2018 – noon to 5 pm.

Proceeds to benefit the endeavors of the Jefco Aeromod’lers RC Club and its mission to support and promote the hobby of flying RC.

Pre-Registered SELLERS

All of the forms for Pre-Registered Sellers will be prepared and waiting for you at the event at check-in.
By pre-registering, you simplify the check-in process.  You will pick up your packet and go directly to the Item Prep/Check-In Area.

Pre-Registered BUYERS

By pre-registering, you simplify the check-in process.  You only need to check in and pick up your bidder card.


**Before you pre-register, have all of your items on a list with Minimum and Buy-It-Now pricing all figured and pictures (if you are selling).  Also have your credit card handy to pay the pre-reg fee.

New for the 2018 RC Auction

View auction items currently registered.  Click Here.  Check back often as the list grows.

Seller Fees

  • For each item sold, there will be a $5 or a 15% commission fee charged, which ever is greater.  Example – If you sell an item for $25, instead of a $4 commission fee (15%),  the $5 minimum fee will be charged.
  • A $5 transaction fee will be charged to the Seller for each item that receives no minimum bid and is sent to the PASS Table.

Buyers Fees

  • BUY-IT-NOW items include a $5 transaction fee added to the BUY-IT-NOW price and payable by the Buyer.

Items Priced by Seller

  • When registering items to sell, the Seller will now be REQUIRED to specify a MINIMUM and a BUY-IT-NOW price.  The MINIMUM should be set to the lowest price that the Seller is willing to accept during the live auction.  The BUY-IT-NOW price is typically set above the minimum and is set at a level that the Seller feels the item will sell at during the live auction.  This allows those buyers that may not be able to stay for the full auction the opportunity to acquire an item that the seller feels is a fair price.

Auction Contact UsClick Here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Pre-Register?

  • Pre-Registration saves everyone a lot of time and effort and brings some benefits to both the Buyer and the Seller, including a $5 savings as compared to ‘at the door’.
  • Sellers: When you arrive at the auction as a PRE-REGISTERED seller, proceed directly to CHECK- IN and bypass the registration process.
  • Pre-registered items not physically checked in, will be automatically removed from your offerings. Only the items you actually present for check-in are considered part of the event.
  • You may add new items at the event and/or update pre-registered items at check-in after the Pre-Registration cut off.
  • You will be given a list of all your items checked into the event when you do the physical check-in so you can easily keep a record of your items.
  • No price changes (BUY-IT-NOW or MINIMUM price) are permitted after an item is checked-in.

 What is a BUY-IT-NOW Sale?

  • Sellers MUST offer items for sale at a BUY-IT-NOW price.  Any item with a BUY-IT-NOW price that has not gone to the auction block,  may be purchased for the BUY-IT-NOW price plus a $5 transaction fee added to the price.  This fee is paid by the Buyer.
  • Buyers must pay for and remove BUY-IT-NOW items from the Auction building directly after making payment.
  • You may buy no more than 2 BUY-IT-NOW items at any one time; however, after paying for the first 2 items and removing them from the building you may then acquire another 2 items, if you so desire.
  • BUY-IT-NOW items are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

 How does the MINIMUM PRICE work?

  • Sellers must list a MINIMUM price for each item. This MINIMUM is the lowest price that will be accepted if the item goes to the auction block. All auction items will have a default minimum of $25.
  • Items not sold on the auction block for the minimum price will be moved to the PASS Table.

How does the PASS Table work?

  • Items that have been offered on the auction block and do not have the Seller’s MINIMUM price bid, will move to the PASS Table and be available for sale there.
  • Items will be sold for the MINIMUM listed price as stated on the item.
  • If a Buyer wishes to make an offer less than the stated MINIMUM price on a PASS table item, the Buyer and Seller may negotiate a mutually agreeable selling price.
  • Sellers may withdraw any item from the PASS table at any time before it is sold.
  • PASS Table items must be paid for immediately and removed from the building.
  • Buyers may purchase as many PASS items as they like, at any one time.

 What charges do Sellers pay?

  • Sellers must pay a $10 pre-registration fee or $15 at-the-door fee to participate.
  • All items that are sold will incur a $5 or 15% commission charge (rounded to nearest whole dollar) whichever is greater, which will be deducted from the selling price.
  • Any item that goes to the auction block and is not sold,  goes to the PASS Table and incurs a $5 fee to be paid by the Seller – whether the item is subsequently sold or not sold.

What charges do Buyers pay?

  • Buyers must pay a $10 pre-registration fee or $15 at-the-door fee to participate.
  • All items purchased are subject to local sales tax (currently 3.25%).
  • Any item purchased at a BUY-IT-NOW price will incur an additional $5 fee paid by the Buyer.
  • Any item purchased at the PASS Table incurs no additional fee other than purchase price plus sales tax.

When do I settle up with the cashier?

  • Buyers and Sellers may settle with the cashier at any time during the auction.
  • You may check out as often as you like OR wait until you are ready to leave and pay/collect at one time.
  • The system will recap all transactions to date on an invoice which lists items sold and items purchased along with all fees and taxes.
  • Your invoice will also indicate registered items that are not yet transacted as ‘inactive items’ at the bottom of the invoice to help sellers maintain control of their items.
  • The net invoice amount is either the amount you will need to pay OR the amount the club will issue a check to you.

What forms of payment are accepted at the Auction?

  • We accept cash and major credit cards.  NO CHECKS ACCEPTED.

How will Sellers receive payment for items that sold and Buyers pay for items they bought?

  • Sellers will be issued a club check,  if any net amount is due. The ‘net amount’ is your sales amount,  less commissions and fees, and less any purchases you may buy with funds you are due (including sales tax.)  There will be NO CASH PAYMENTS from the Auction to Sellers.
  • Buyers may make payment to the auction by CASH or CREDIT CARD – NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

 How do Buyers leave the building with purchased items?

  • Items leaving the building will be checked via the auction system at the exit door.
  • Bidder cards and each of your items will be scanned as the items are presented at the exit door.
  • Once items are checked through the exit process, they must be removed from the building and may not be brought back in.

How do Sellers leave the building with registered Withdrawn items?

  • For items withdrawn before going to the auction block, see the Auction Customer Service Desk to obtain a PASS for that item.
  • For items withdrawn after going to auction block and not sold, show a copy of the paid invoice – listing that item as the $5 PASS Table fee paid.


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